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Bet On Me Sky Blue-Eyed Fellow DNA-CP
          ***breeding retired***
Name: Zoe
DOB: 12/22/2009
ASCA Reg.No: E 174906

Body colour: black tri w/c
Eyes colour: blue
Tail: long/docked
Height: 48,0 cm

Hips: A2 / GOOD
Elbows: 0/0
MDR1: free
HSF 4: free
Eyes: clear (10/2014)
Teeth: complete

  • Companion dog (VDH)
  • Companion dog (BRH)
  • Zoe is our family dog.

    Our sky blue-eye fellow. A slice of heaven... ZOE!

    The name ZOE means light and that she is!
    Zoe is an athletic and strong female and a really clown. Zoe came to us at the age of one and a half year.
    She is not an easy dog, but with us she is a great, reliable and very funny dog. She loves all pets and that’s is smaller than she is, she adopts and cares for. We've never regret our spontaneous decision in no time.

    Even as we picked her up from the first owner, she was very relaxed and slept on the way home. She was not afraid, and went joyfully to our other dogs, they immediately welcomed her happily. She is a really tough one, but also incredibly sweet and cuddly too. She is very eager to learn and was very focused in the "rescue-dog-school" until to 2015.
    If someone comes to visit us, she is very reserved. She stays with me and keeps barking quietly and running excitedly back and forth. But after a while she accepts the situation, but still she would like to decide who is allowed to pet her.

    She is not easy to handle, but an incomparably sweet dog heart.