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Our Aussie babies grow in a puppy room in our house for the first few weeks.
So the mother-dog has enough rest and to intense taking care of their babies. They are of course in daily contact with our family, because the puppies are weighed every day, the puppy blankets must be repeatedly changed daily, and of course you sit next in the puppy room sometimes and observe the small rascals ;-)

When the puppies have opened their eyes and ears and also, relatively safe, stand on their legs, they are able to discover the rest of the house and the garden (if weather permits). The rest of the pack also has to wait until that time, but now and then one of the adults comes to look after the puppies, which is carefully observed by mama !

If the pups are about 4 weeks old, we start with the supplemental feeding. To the 6th-7th week the babies are then actually weaned from the mother and now get fresh meat daily. Until the 8th week we then will have reduced meals on 4 times a day! Of course we also start very early with small exercises and it starts with the fact that the puppies come at call. We always combine it with the feeding. We call the pups "puppypuppypuppy" so they are conditioned to the same and you can retrieve the dwarves out of all kinds of situations later! When the pups have the correct associated this or reliable come back (what they learn very quickly) then we will take them with us on Tour. And when the pups older, then of course 'sit' and 'stay' are practiced, icluding getting the pups used to a dog brush!

Of course, we also accustom them to cars, and drive sometimes short and sometimes long distances, and they get to know a collar and leash know. We visit my family and friends with horses or our sheeps. We will practice individually with the pups and not only in the group! The puppies get to know a variety of substrates , such as Stone floor, pebble paths, grasslands and fields, grids and sand. In the house we have laminate and tile flooring, as well as PVC and carpet floors. Noise of everyday life, such as vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dishwasher, hairdryer, radio and television, etc. they get to know and in the summer of course, the lawn mower, chain saw, hedge trimmer, etc.
The babies also have repeating contact with other people and even children, what we find very important. Children can often unsettle dogs with their loud and boisterous behavior, so we also get the dwarfs used to dealing with children. The babies are NATURAL dewormed several times. In the eighth week, they are then re-examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated and microchipped, get their EU pet passport, their pedigree and a puppy starter package, + a small cuddly blanket (which smells like their mom and siblings). The puppies may be taken home with fullfilled 9 weeks!

Examples in pictures, Litter 2011 (Ginger x Ice Age)

Examples in pictures, Litter 2009 (Ginger x Chelsea)